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IT Audit Services

The business environment has become reliant on technology to support business functions. This has resulted in a demand for Information Technology(IT) systems which support and surround the use and application of IT.

IT Audit Services

We offer the following IT Audit and Assurance services;

  • General control reviews
  • Application control reviews
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATS)
  • Network discovery and vulnerability assessments
  • Web applications security assessments
  • Configuration assessments
  • IT governance review
  • IT risk assessment
  • Project pre, post and implementation reviews

Benefits of IT Audit

IT auditing provides external and internal auditor with greater comfort and evidence as to the integrity,completeness and accuracy of computer-generated data. It assists management  in aligning the IT unit with common business and operational strategies. Finally, it helps management identify and resolve deficiencies and vulnerabilities in IT systems, so as to enhance competitive advantage.

IT auditors evaluate the adequacy of controls in computer environment and information systems to ensure the system operates efficiently. They also examine the integrity and reliability of computer-generated data that supports financial statements.

At Fanan Limited we are aware of the importance of the integrity of your IT infrastructure and systems, and are in a position to offer services testing, assessing and providing advice on how to improve these IT systems.

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