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Penetration Testing Services

We provide Penetration Testing Services in Kenya to organizations & businesses to discover potential vulnerabilities against Cyber Attacks and to help them prepare for them.

Cloud Security Services

Identify vulnerabilities in AWS, Azure, GCP cloud environments with complete configuration reviews and pentesting that simulates real-world cyber attackers applications and infrastructure threats.

Managed Security services

Through the highly skilled Security Professional Services, at Fanan Limited special care is given in eradicating security threats, Authentication and session management

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

As an experienced and established provider of cybersecurity services, we are committed to ensuring that your business stays secure in the face of ever-growing digital threats.

Cyber Security Compliance

The Compliance Services are solely aimed at supporting business level application creation and management.Secures citizen’s data and provides data privacy and data sovereignty from foreign surveillance.

IT Audit Services

The business environment has become reliant on technology to support business functions. This has resulted in a demand for Information Technology(IT) systems which support and surround the use and application of IT.

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