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Cyber security In Kenya HELP YOU IN BUSINESS

Fanan Limited is an ISO27000-certified company Experts in penetration testing, security audits, managed security services and cybersecurity. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent and high-quality services, backed by our ISO 27000 certified processes and industry standards. 


Hundreds of organizations trust us with their yearly cybersecurity needs due to our proven track record of providing tailored, comprehensive solutions, expert team of cybersecurity professionals staying current with industry trends, and dedication to cust


Our consultants have extensive
real-world experience and hold the most recognized certifications in the industry (OSCP, OSWE, GWAPT, GPEN, OSEP, CISA, CCSE, CCSA, CISM, CISSP, etc.)


Unlike many competitors, we do not resell hardware or software solutions. This ensures that our recommendations are focused on your organization’s real cybersecurity needs.


Our methodologies are based on known best practices and key technological standards in the industry (OSSTMM, OWASP, NIST, CVE, CVSS, STIX, CAPEC, etc).

Cybersecurity Solutions by Industry

Cybersecurity solutions are increasingly becoming essential for businesses in all industries to protect their data and assets from cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, and hacking. Here are some examples of cybersecurity solutions:


Our cybersecurity solutions help finance and insurance organizations protect their data, while helping them meet the requirements of various compliance standards and regulations.


Our cybersecurity solutions help manufacturing organizations prevent disruptions by identifying real-world opportunities for hackers to attack industrial systems and equipment


Our cybersecurity solutions help healthcare organizations prevent disruptions to critical care service by identifying real-world opportunities for hackers to attack medical devices and systems.


Our solutions help secure the education sector by identifying real-world opportunities for hackers to compromise their cybersecurity mitigate risks and comply with requirements unique to their sector.


Our services help governments protect against modern cyber threats by helping implement the strongest security controls available comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations


We help SaaS & Technology organizations identify real-world opportunities for hackers to breach their software-as-a-service and provide adapted remediation strategies. while helping them comply with


Our goal is to provide best-in-class cybersecurity services to help organizations protect themselves from ever-changing cyber threats. We aim to become leaders in our industry by promoting standards and best practices, as well as raising awarenes:

Penetration Testing Services

We provide Penetration Testing Services in Kenya to organizations & businesses to discover potential vulnerabilities against Cyber Attacks and to help them prepare for them.

Cloud Security Services

Identify vulnerabilities in AWS, Azure, GCP cloud environments with complete configuration reviews and pentesting that simulates real-world cyber attackers applications and infrastructure threats.

Managed Security services

Through the highly skilled Security Professional Services, at Fanan Limited special care is given in eradicating security threats, Authentication and session management

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

As an experienced and established provider of cybersecurity services, we are committed to ensuring that your business stays secure in the face of ever-growing digital threats.

Cyber Security Compliance

The Compliance Services are solely aimed at supporting business level application creation and management.Secures citizen’s data and provides data privacy and data sovereignty from foreign surveillance.

IT Audit Services

The business environment has become reliant on technology to support business functions. This has resulted in a demand for Information Technology(IT) systems which support and surround the use and application of IT.










Penetration testing is a type of cybersecurity assessment that checks the security posture of an organization by simulating a cyber attack against its infrastructure, applications, and employees.

A vulnerability scan identifies security weaknesses and flaws in a system, while a penetration test goes further by exploiting those vulnerabilities to assess the potential impact of a cyber attack.

It is recommended that a organization conduct penetration testing at least annually or after any major changes in infrastructure or applications.

A security audit is a comprehensive review and evaluation of an organization's security controls to identify vulnerabilities and recommend measures to improve the security posture.

A vulnerability assessment is a process of identifying security weaknesses and flaws in an organization's systems and applications.A vulnerability assessment focuses on identifying potential vulnerabilities, while a penetration test goes further by simulating a real-world cyber attack to assess the actual risk and impact of an attack.


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