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Cloud Security Services

Test Your Cloud Security & Secure Your Cloud-hosted Assets

Following a massive transition to digital operations, the wide adoption of cloud infrastructures has exposed organizations to an entirely new set of security risks that are often unknown. While cloud providers offer secure tools to build your environment, each user is responsible in securing their cloud-hosted assets and controlling their access. The wide flexibility in configuring these platforms leaves various opportunites open for hackers to infiltrate your infrastructure.  Our cloud security assessments allow your organization to validate that these configurations are well secured and that user privileges cannot be altered to access sensitive cloud-hosted assets, no matter the cloud provider.

Cloud Security Services

Our cloud penetration testing services are based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework and simulate a real cyberattack to systematically uncover technical vulnerabilities and cloud security misconfigurations that may lead to unauthorized access of sensitive data / misuse of cloud functions.


Our AWS penetration testing methodology covers the most important security risks unique to the AWS platform’s features. Whether it’s an infrastructure as a service (IaaS), a platform as a service (PaaS) or software as a service (SaaS), our services secure AWS infrastructures of all kinds.

What is AWS Penetration Testing?

AWS penetration test is a type of assessment designed to identify and address vulnerabilities within Amazon AWS Cloud infrastructures that could be exploited by hackers. While Amazon provides a set of secure tools to build and configure your cloud, it is each user’s responsibility to maintain the stability and security of their environment. Our services help you take proactive measures to address vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach. In addition, it will help you understand how changes to your environment may impact the security of your infrastructure. As a result, AWS penetration testing is an essential tool for ensuring the stability and security of your Amazon AWS environment.

When Should You Perform an Amazon AWS Penetration Test?

You should conduct penetration testing of your AWS infrastructure regularly to identify and address vulnerabilities newly introduced vulnerabilities and stay up to date on the latest hacking techniques.

  • Annually as part of a proactive security strategy
  • After major changes to the infrastructure or configurations
  • Before deploying a new system or application to the public internet
  • As part of regulatory or compliance requirements
  • Following a security breach or incident
  • In response to a new security threat targeting AWS

How Hackers Breach Your AWS

In order to accurately represent the security of an organization’s AWS environment, we attempt various attack techniques used by hackers to breach your cybersecurity. By imitating the attacks of real-world adversaries, we can find and fix critical vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. Areas we often assess include user permissions and publicly exposed AWS services:

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